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Be Ready for disasters with preparedness supplies from
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In-stock: first aid kits, cpr masks, the popular “Glow Stick” emergency light ($5), and more!
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 Health & Safety – Retail Products

Did you know that you can purchase Red Cross first aid kits and supplies in our office? Prices are reasonable and the proceeds help support our disaster services here in Henderson County.  If you need a first-aid or Red Cross-related item that we don’t keep on hand, we can probably order it in for you.  We can also provide gift certificates for health and safety class tuitions.

Multi-Purpose Mini Lantern 
 Without batteries- $10.00 
Light up your night with the Multi-Purpose Mini Lantern from the American Red Cross!Designed for those times when you need a safe and portable light source for recreational fun, this compact, water resistant lantern is ideal for use in outdoor family activities like camping, boating, walking or just relaxing with a book in your favorite hammock. Requires 4 AA batteries for operation.

(F.A.C.E) First Aid and CPR for Everyone:


First Aid and CPR for Everyone: An Introduction to Lifesaving Skills was developed in response to research into why people don’t learn CPR. The product allows individuals who are unable, or unwilling, to take formal training to become familiar with life-saving information.

What do you get for $10.00?

1.       Compression Practice Tool and Hand Placement Diagram: the tool is modeled after a typical ambulance vehicle and is made out of a sponge-like material. The use of an ambulance design helps to stress the important step to CALL 9-1-1 when responding to an emergency. The tool is designed to be placed on the flat, durable hand placement diagram illustrating a man’s chest and engineered to allow the user to simulate a 2-inch depth of compression.

2.       Instructional DVD: the DVD is approximately 45 minutes in length and will walk you through compression-only CPR and basic first aid. Add-ons to the DVD include vital information on how to recognize signs of stroke, review of the anatomy of a first aid kit, and overview of the American Red Cross Advisory Council on First Aid, Aquatics, Safety and Preparedness (ACFASP).

3.     Emergency First Aid Guide: the Emergency First Aid Guide is a condensed-size booklet full of information about first aid, CPR, choking emergencies, how to recognize signs of heart attack, allergic reactions and more.

Interested in learning more about American Red Cross Health and Safety Training, click here.

Want to take a training class?  Click here

Large Pillow First Aid Kit



  • 9 – Sterile Gauze 3″x3″
  • 4 – Sterile Gauze 4″x4″
  • 1 – Roller Gauze 2″x4yds.
  • 1 – Roller Gauze 3″x4yds.
  • 15 – BZK Towelettes
  • 2 – Fingertip Bandages
  • 2 – Knuckle Bandages
  • 2 – Plastic Bandages 2″x4.5″
  • 10 – Adhesive Bandages 3/4″x3″
  • 5 – Adhesive Bandages 1″x3″
  • 1 – Combine Pad 5″x9″
  • 1 – Combine Pad 8″x10″
  • 1 – Triangular Bandage
  • 1 – Emergency Blanket
  • 1 – Instant Ice Pack
  • 1 – Biohazard Red Bag w/Twist Tie
  • 2 – Pair Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 – First Aid Tape 1/2″x2.5yds.
  • 1 – Deluxe Bandage Sheers, 5″
  • 1 – First Aid Instruction Guide
  • 1 – CPR Barrier

Rescue Pocket MaskT CPR Barrier


The Pocket Mask CPR Barrier combines a low resistance one-way valve with a disposable 3MT FiltreteT hydrophonic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions. Valve and filter act as barriers seperating rescuer and patient.

An emergency requiring CPR can occur anytime, anyplace, to any-one. It’s good to know the pocket mask can always be there when you need it. Features include:

  • Superior protection through a one-way valve and filter;
  • Greater than 99% viral and bacterial filter efficacy;
  • Pre-inflated cuff for effective and good seal;
  • Can be used on adult, child and infant;
  • Replaceable, disposable one-way valve and filter; and

Rescue Mask Mini-Backpack Case with infant and adult masks – $14

4 x 4 First Aid Kit with belt loop – $6Contents:

  • 1 – Instant Ice Pack
  • 2 – BZK Towelettes
  • 2 – Non-Adherent Bandages 2″x3″
  • 1 – First Aid Tape 1/2″x2.5yds.
  • 1 – Rolled Gauze 2″x4yds.
  • 10 – Adhesive Bandages 3/4″x3″
  • 1 – Fingertip Bandage
  • 1 – Knuckle Bandage
  • 1 – Pair Vinyl Gloves
  • 1 – Triple Antibiotic Pack 0.9gm
  • 1 – First Aid Instruction Guide

CPR Key Chain – $6

Small red pouch contains one breathing barrier and one pair of vinyl gloves.  Great for carrying everyday to be prepared